Story Kit Rental

Although using a professional interviewer for your project has many advantages, including time saved and the best overall quality, some people will prefer to conduct their own interviews. If you spend time preparing and using the right equipment, conducting your own interview of a loved one can be a very rich experience.  

If this appeals to you, consider renting one of my Story Kits. They are compact, easy to ship, and contains all of the equipment you will need to get great audio quality. You could research and buy all of this equipment, or buy a cheaper recorder, but renting a Story Kit for just a few days will keep costs down.  

A Story Kit has a digital audio recorder, two clip-on microphones designed for audio interviews, a large memory card and all the accessories you will need. In addition, it comes in a sturdy case with detailed instructions for use, along with a prepared return shipping box.  


A Story Kit can be rented in several ways. Call or email so we can talk about how long you will need the Story Kit, along with options for editing and production. I'll tailor a Story Kit rental to fit your project! 

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